The Worst Pro-Trump Argument Of The Month

As many of you may have noticed, I am very active on twitter, which means I get into a lot of arguments, usually with Trump supporters.  in turn this means I usually have a front seat view to some of the worst arguments possible.  These arguments usually involve parroting Faux News talking points or some irrelevant Hillary Clinton attack.  I usually don’t respond to the worst of them, if not just to highlight their stupidity with a retweet, but some strike me as so monstrously stupid that they deserve more, so I decided to include in my soapbox a worst argument of the month for your enjoyment.

The first one comes from today, a squad of trolls seemed to enjoy starting a comment thread in my twitter feed, I believe thinking it would annoy me, but I feed of their hatred and ignorance, it is my crack.  it degenerated very quickly into me offering to fuck one of them so they can work out their suppressed homosexual thoughts, but that just resulted in me being blocked by that particular bigot.

Along the way one of them made an argument that I have heard repeatedly from Trumpers, that Republicans were the party that ended slavery.


My response to this… big fucking whoop.


Now this one sided conversation continued, (I didn’t have time to respond to all of his nonsense at the time) with him making the usual refrain that Democrats are the real racists and bigots, exactly what you’d expect from someone who doesn’t like movies that pass the Bechdel test.

I’ve heard this refrain repeated over and over, and in fact it’s one I can remember using when I was a far right douchebag.  The problem is that it has absolutely no relevance to today.  yes, Democrats were the party of the south, but the 1860’s are not now, and it is tiring to constantly have to remind Trump supporters of that.  What they willfully ignore in this argument is something they actually know.  Southern racists moved to the Republican party during the 20th century because of their opposition to the civil rights act and active woo-ing by republicans like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

In particular, the largest block that shifted party affiliation in that time were Evangelical Christians, a group well known for their tolerance and acceptance of new ideas *Cough*

This argument basically boils down to the kindergarden schoolyard retort “I know you are but what am I?” from the kid who just pissed his pants.  To argue that the Republican party is the party of equality and Democrats want to put slaves back on plantations is ludicrously stupid.  I don’t know about you, but it seems an easy guess that the party of David Duke, Richard Spencer, and the KKK is not so keen on equality.