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April 16, 2017

On this week’s show, Benedict takes the “Unpresidented” quiz from the guardian.

We learn how Michelle Bachman thinks we all need to be protected from “dangerous transgender rights”

The civil war was unconstitutional and unnecessary, according to one North Carolina Republican State Legislator.

Is Bill O’Reilly finally losing?

Kevin challenges Pat Robertson to a fight, or a duel, his preference.

This week’s sermon:

This Saturday in Berkeley was the second pro-Trump rally held in the city since he was elected. I could have written the story about the rally before it even happened. Alt-right agitators from across the western U.S. showed up with weapons and body armor, seeking violence. Antifa members showed up with their own weapons, firecrackers, and masks, seeking violence. Neither side won, everybody lost.

I spent all day there, taking photos, conducting interviews, and trying to figure out why? Why did all of these people come to Berkeley? Berkeley is my home, a place I love, these events do not represent us.

At least 50 militia members came all the way from Montana for the Pro-Trump side, they travelled around 1,000 miles to be here. What makes someone travel that vast distance to be part of the festival of violence that happened here? The only thing I can imagine is an immense hatred that the vast separation between the two sides has created. There is truly no reason to hold their rallies in Berkeley other than because they are hoping for confrontations. Both sides want to get video footage of the other attacking and brutally beating the other, and there was no shortage of that after the day was done. Both sides conveniently edited their footage to make the other look worse, and both want to claim the moral high ground.

In my interviews, I would ask people what it will take to heal the divide and end this kind of insanity, nobody had an answer. I can’t think of one myself, which is perhaps even more sad than watching American citizens beat each other bloody over political views.

There were a few inspiring moments throughout the day though. A few juxtapositions that seemed more important than the violence. One was a 60 year old Berkeley resident with a cane, walking through the crowd, as people are screaming and throwing punches around him, picking up broken glass from a bottle someone had thrown. He told me he just wanted to make sure nobody cut themselves if they fell on it.

Another was a painter who showed up at an intersection where both sides where facing off, calmly set up his easel, and began to finish an oil painting of the area. I couldn’t help but watch him for a while, as he added in the people, not as distinct figures, but gray masses, indistinguishable from one another. I asked him about that, and he replied that the people don’t matter, because even after they leave, others will replace them, and the constant will always be the city.

I want an end to the violence and hatred, I think we all do, but many are so stuck in their ways of thinking that the only way to end their hatred, would be to agree with them, something I, and most people cannot do. While there are many things to be hopeful about, the violence of the last few months in my town is not something I see an end to. It is a scary prospect that we may never be able to heal this division, no matter how hard we may try.

In the main segment, Trump changes his mind so fast it makes our heads spin.

We look at the MOAB for what it really is, a phallic object Trump used to compensate by dropping it on brown people.

Trump signed a bill allowing states to cut funding to abortion providers.

In the ABT,

Weed will soon become legal in Canada, and Kevin has already booked his flight.

Vaccines don’t cause autism, but not vaccinating does cause mumps outbreaks in Texas.

Pauline Hanson is just the worst.

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