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On this week’s episode, We pay tribute to the late, great Don Rickles who passed away last week.

Then we dive into the news with a quiz: who said it, Lord Voldemort or Steve Bannon.

This Week’s Sermon:

If you logged onto twitter at any time Thursday you might have seen that #SyriaHoax was trending. Right out of the gate the conspiracy mongers and spreaders of disinformation got straight to work. It’s not terribly shocking that the type of people who immediately called Sandy Hook and 9/11 a hoax are eager to do the same with other events, and this time is no less stupid than any other time they’ve made the same claim.

This heartless attack is just another in the string of atrocities that Assad and Russia have perpetrated on the Syrian people. To think that at this point Assad can remain as a leader of the country is pure stupidity. Assad is guilty of countless war crimes, he has murdered his own people in ways that could haunt your nightmares.

The conspiracy theorists want to believe the Russian claims that there was a chemical weapons factory in the town that was hit, and it was that factory that killed all the victims. This is despite reports by the Guardian and others, including pictures, that show the supposed chemical weapons factory were empty grain silos that hadn’t been used since being damaged in a strike months earlier.

Because of his many war crimes, if Assad is removed from office, or if he ever leaves his country, he will be arrested and tried before the International Criminal Court, and he knows he will lose. That is why he will never stop fighting, he is, at his very core, a coward, afraid to pay for what he has done.

The only good thing to come out of all this is that Trump’s supporters are fracturing even more. Conspiracy mongers like Paul Joseph Watson and Milo have withdrawn their support, while today many are calling for him to fire his son-in-law Jared Kushner because of more ridiculous conspiracies that Kushner is a secret “globalist.”

None of that really matters to those still dying in Syria. Many are applauding Trump for his decision to bomb a Syrian airfield, and I begrudgingly have to admit that the blind squirrel has found a nut, but by no means is Trump even close to doing the right thing about Syria.

I want to share with you one story, the story of Abdul Youssef. He lives in the town where the Sarin attack took place. Abdul heard the strike early in the morning and rushed from his home after checking on his family to see to his parents and other relatives. After finding his two brothers dead he rushed home to find his own family dead, including his infant twin daughters. The next day he carried them to the graveyard in the village and buried them with his own hands. This is how you create radicals.

Assad must be deposed; the people must be able to choose their own government. Sometimes this leads to things we don’t like, like the Ayatollah Khomeini taking power in Iran, but is an integral idea of democracy that all people have the right to self-determination. The Syrians want the same thing that people all over the world do, peace, and the ability to live their lives as they wish. The Russian intervention to keep a child murdering dictator in power must be overcome, and that will only happen if the voices of the world become loud enough that they cannot be ignored.

In the main segment we spend a lot of time discussing Syria, the recent sarin gas attacks, and the U.S. response to them.

After that we come to terms with the fact that Gorsuch will be the next Supreme Court justice of the United States.

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