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On this week’s episode, Kevin rubs Benedict’s nose in the Trump bingo results, we plan for our “wet show” when we will taste test alcoholic beverages submitted by our listeners, and wonder what the hell did Trump think he was saying to Time Magazine.

Transcript of Kevin’s Sermon this week:

So we made it through. Thursday came and went without a vote on Trump’s healthcare bill AKA Trumpcare. Then Friday came and the bill was pulled entirely. Somehow now the Republican party, or at least Trump and his closest cronies are trying to blame the failure of the bill on Democrats, but I think most people are smart enough to see that the failure came from within the Republican party itself. They have a majority for Christ’s sake, but they couldn’t get the votes to pass this monstrous mess they were trying to shove through.

This doesn’t mean the fight is over though. There’s going to be plenty of terrible bills in the near future and probably another healthcare bill as well. We need to remember for the next four years to never back down, to never let the new establishment get what they want without a fight, and in 2018 we all need to go vote.

I know I’m mainly talking to my American audience here, but I think most would agree that the eyes of the world are on us right now. That said there’s still plenty of things going on in the rest of the world that deserve attention.  The terror attack in London on Wednesday came out of nowhere.  We never expect these things when they happen, but we all join together as a community to fight against the forces that wish to do evil.

There is so much evil in the world right now, we cannot allow anything to break us apart.  When I was a kid I was taught that we should all help one another, that everyone is equal and that we should give what we can to those in need. It saddens me that now I am grown I see my parents were just paying lip service to those lessons.  That they aren’t willing to sacrifice what, to them, is a tiny portion of their wealth, so that those in need can have healthcare. That they think just because you won the birth lottery and were born in the United States you are somehow more special than those born in Mexico or Syria.

People are dying, they are being maimed, tortured, starved, and left destitute in Syria. When I hear people saying we need to ban them rather than welcome them with open arms I get angry. During the campaign Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a picture comparing refugees to a bowl of skittles. Remember that? It said “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take one?”  It actually prompted the candy company that makes skittles to respond, saying “skittles are candy, refugees are people.”

I know this happened months ago, but I still fell this is a worthy subject for our global community to consider.  The refugees haven’t gone anywhere, Trump is still president, people are still dying.

I want to close this week by reading the response to Donald Jr. by one of my personal heroes.  Eli Bosnick, comedian and podcaster, whose show, God Awful Movies is my favorite of all time, had this to say about the tweet.

“If I gave you a bowl of skittles and three of them were poison would you still eat them?”

“Are the other skittles human lives?”

“Like. Is there a good chance. A really good chance. I would be saving someone from a war zone and probably their life if I ate a skittle?”

“I would eat the skittles.

“I would GORGE myself on skittles. I would eat every single fucking skittle I could find. I would STUFF myself with skittles. And when I found the poison skittle and died I would make sure to leave behind a legacy of children and of friends who also ate skittle after skittle until there were no skittles to be eaten. And each person who found the poison skittle we would weep for. We would weep for their loss, for their sacrifice, and for the fact that they did not let themselves succumb to fear but made the world a better place by eating skittles.

Because your REAL question…the one you hid behind a shitty little inaccurate, insensitive, dehumanizing racist little candy metaphor is, IS MY LIFE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF MEN, WOMEN, AND TERRIFIED CHILDREN…

… and what kind of monster would think the answer to that question… is yes?”

And I can’t say it any better than that.

In the main segment We send our condolences to those injured and the families of the deceased in the Westminster Terror attack.  We urge all of our listeners to give to the families if they can.

We then discuss the failure of Trumpcare, and how in the hell Trump is trying to blame the Democrats now.

In the final segment Kevin prays that a new Texas bill doesn’t become law in California because he couldn’t afford it.

As if we needed another reason to hate France, apparently the name Kevin is bad there.

reality show in Scotland went on for months despite having been cancelled after just a few episodes.

In a nod to our favorite Australian fan this week we also discuss the Aussie Marine Le Pen, Pauline Hanson.

Finally in a bonus interview, Kevin chats with writer, producer, voice actress, and atheist activist, Peachy Fiend about her web series “Unicorn and Toast”

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