Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On this week’s episode of TWIN Kevin and Benedict waste time talking about the cartoon movie Zootopia (now officially endorsed by TWIN) and arguing over rock paper scissors again.

In the Alternative facts file we ponder what set of statistics Trump is using for the unemployment rate.

We also revel in the absolute glory that is Trump’s wiretapping claims against the Obama administration, and imagine a pure world where Arnold Schwarzenegger smashed trump.

This weeks main segment focuses on the GOP’s new healthcare plan, with a pit-stop in crazytown courtesy of Ben Carson’s most recent comments on slavery.  We finish the main segment by considering whether it’s still worth it to bet on Trump making it through a full first term without impeachment.

In the ABT (Anything But Trump) segment, we discuss the impeachment of Park Geun-Hye, and Kevin shares his knowledge of the influence of spiritualism in Myanmar.   We also wonder if there’s any proof the Dutch AREN’T Nazis, and encourage Scotland to break free of the imperialist chains that bind it.

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Another bonus episode will be posted this week with special guest, Lawyer Ari Hornick, who joined Kevin to discuss legal issues in the U.S. under the Trump administration, including the Gorsuch nomination for the Supreme Court.