TWIN 31: Benedict’s California Dreamin’ Edition

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On This Week’s Show:

Republicans all had to google irony this week to understand what was happening to Javanka.

Violence in by Spanish police in Catalonia puts the LAPD to shame.

Mike Pence wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars on a stunt.

Donate to Las Vegas Victims through this link.

In the Main Segment:

Trump doesn’t get how treaties work.

Harvey Weinstein is a scumbag.

Sonic attacks in Cuba.

In The Final Segment:

Ain’t no party like a Tory party, cause a Tory party’s got coughs.

Mike Pence knows exactly what the rest of us know, that Trump is a moron.

One of the best pieces of reporting on the Alt-right and Breitbart from Joseph Bernstein at Buzzfeed.

Trump is sabotaging birth control laws in the ACA.

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