TWIN 30: A World Where Nothing Matters Anymore Edition

On this week’s episode…

We are joined by Kathy Balistreri, a Physics teacher from the California Bay Area.  You can check out her YouTube channel, Kathy Loves Physics, for fun videos about electricity and science.

In the Intro Segment…

Benedict takes a general knowledge quiz.

Roy D. Moore’s middle initial stands for despicable.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand math when it comes to the healthcare vote.

This Week in News With Kevin And Benedict takes a knee.

In the main segment.

K&B talk about Tom Price, minutes before he resigned.

It’s tax cut, not tax reform.

Puerto Rico IS part of the United States.

In the final segment: Special Guest Kathy Balistreri jons us.

We revisit Tom Price’s resignation.

Secretary DeVos’ plan for campus rape is devastatingly bad.

Trump’s attacks on the mayor of San Juan

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