TWIN 21: THE VOID IS REAL!!!! Edition

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On this week’s episode:

Benedict is out enjoying his wedding reception so I am joined by G.W. of the Embrace the Void podcast. make sure to check them out on your podcast app of choice or visit their web site.

In the intro segment:

Rick Wiles is starting a “Prayer Offensive” against H.R. McMaster

Your favorite Neo-Nazis have started their own Patreon alternative, “Hatreon”

Donald trump is starting his own state-run propaganda network, shot on the iPhone 4 it seems.

Jeff Sessions is still an asshole.

In the main segment:

G.W. and Kevin have an in depth discussion of affirmative action.

More on H.R. McMaster

In the final segment:

An Australian Terror plot was foiled.

Venezuela burning

Stephen Miller is still a fuckwit.

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