TWIN 20: In-N-Out Burger Reigns Supreme Edition

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On this week’s show:

We have special guest Brett, from The Citizen’s Guide To the Supreme Court Podcast.  Brett is a self described, lawyer who hates being a lawyer, and he joins us to discuss issues related to the law.

In the Intro:

The Democratic Party apparently didn’t think of using any of their Hollywood supporters to help think of their new slogan.

A judge in Tennessee judge is offering inmates reduced jail time if they get a vasectomy.

Benedict rants about the New York subway system.

Chris Cilizza had an AMA that went about as good as a Trump press conference.

Main Segment:

Trump continued his unintelligible streak with a new NYT interview.

We got sidetracked as the news of Sean Spicer’s resignation came while we were recording.

Final Segment.

Brett joins us in the final segment to discuss.

In-N-Out Burger’s inherent superiority to every other burger.

O.J. Simpson being released on parole.

Can Trump pardon himself? And would it matter?

The travel ban from his legal perspective.

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