TWIN 18: Can’t Keep His Hands To Himself Edition

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On This Week’s show Kevin and Benedict are joined by Special guest Aaron Rabbi from the Embrace The Void Podcast

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In the Opening segment:

We introduce our very special new segment: The Rundown, complete with its very own awesome sound effect

Mike Pence gives us some insight on why he’s not allowed to be alone with other women, he can’t keep his hands to himself.

White House Ethics Chief Walter Schaub resigned from a White House that doesn’t need an ethics chief because it has no ethics.

Trump again claimed that Mexico will pay for the wall, Mexico responded with laughter.

In the Main segment:

Vader met Emperor Palpatine at the G-20, oops I mean Trump met Putin.

New polls show that Trump is largely more unpopular in Europe than Putin.

In the Final Segment:

Aaron Rabbi joins us to discuss

Linda Sarsour’s “jihad” comment that made conservatives shit their diapers.

Hobby Lobby might be funding ISIS it turns out.

UNESCO ruled Hebron a Palestinian world heritage site and Israel reacted as expected.

The Klan was rightfully outnumbered by protesters at a rally in Charlottesville.

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