TWIN 14: Running Off The Rails Edition

On this week’s show

In the final segment we have a special guest, Charone Frankel of the Habeas Humor Podcast.  You can find Habeas Humor on iTunes, Stitcher, or other podcast platforms.  You can follow her on twitter @HabeasHumor

Kevin is losing his damn mind, and his voice.

The Trump family continue their streak of being kind, calm-headed individuals who go out of their way to reach across the aisle and seek cooperation, when Eric Trump said Democrat’s aren’t even people.

Pauline Hanson continues to be a shining beacon of humanity and compassion for the less fortunate when she wrote a letter to the Australian Prime Minister asking for a Travel Ban and internment of Muslims suspected of extremist links.

Three candidates in the British elections, Lord Buckethead, Elmo, and Mr. Fishfinger, all should have beaten Theresa May. (Not a joke, they actually ran)

Kevin’s Sermon this week:

As I’ve said before, the hardest thing about writing my sermon every week is choosing a topic.  Not because there’s a lack of things to talk about or things that piss me off, but because there’s far too much.  I like to think of myself as a rather easygoing and temperate individual, maybe I’m completely wrong and I’m actually some raging hothead, but for the most part I can usually keep my cool.

But all I really have to do to prepare for a sermon is open my google news feed, because there is a plethora of absolutely insane garbage going on that I could rant about.  I mean, just now I did that. There’s Trump demeaning James Comey and calling him a liar, the travel ban is set to go before the Supreme Court this week, Puerto Rico just voted for statehood in a referendum that will be entirely ignored by the U.S. government, but really there’s only one thing I want to rant about today. The Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup.

I don’t think I’ve talked about it on the show, but I’m a huge hockey fan, I’ve even played a few years at the only ice rink in Sacramento where I grew up, and I am a San Jose Sharks fan.  Last year the Penguins beat my sharks to win the cup, and during the final game of that series I was at a San Francisco Giants game celebrating my Mom’s birthday.  So lo and behold, where did I find myself again last night when the Penguins won their second in a row? I was watching the Giants play the Twins, of course I was actually having dinner after the game, since the baseball game ended an hour before the Cup started, but you get the idea.

Of course, as we’ve said, Benedict and I are both atheists, we don’t believe in the supernatural, or curses, or luck, at least not outside of sports.  I am now convinced that there is a definite link between me going to a Giants game, and the Penguins winning the Stanley cup, sports is the only place where supernatural things are very, very real.

Some of you dear listeners are probably rolling your eyes already, and most of you are asking why, with so many actual important things going on, THIS, is what I chose to talk about this week. Well, the answer is that in part, I hate Sydney Crosby and everything he stands for, and also, in part, that this is real life.  Although we so often get angry and scream at the TV or our computer when Trump does another stupid thing, or Republicans try to take away more rights from minorities, we often feel more connected to our sports teams, or we get angry about having to do the dishes, doing laundry. We have to go out of our way to make sure that our anger towards those truly doing us harm is much more intense.

Yes I am telling you to stay angry, and to try to get others angry, because we have just two years until our first chance to reverse the damage that is being done, we need as much anger as we can get, to make sure people actually show up to vote on election day, and it can’t just be the same feeling we get when our sports teams lose.  Benedict and I started this podcast because we were angry, and we hope that even if we inspire one person to take action it is a massive success.  Give to charities that need it like planned parenthood, the Trevor Project, the SPLC, volunteer for political campaigns, stand on a street corner and try to talk to somebody about what needs to be changed and how we can change it, do anything you can, regardless of what country, state, or city you live in, because we screwed up world.  We let them be angrier than us, that is how they won.  So don’t let it happen again, and stay angry.

In the main segment:

We discuss the recent British elections, and the Tories’ huge defeat

Trump doesn’t get the Middle East, or anything.

In the Final Segment;

Charone Frankel of the Habeas Humor Podcast joins us to discuss Karen Handel, John Ossoff and the Georgia 6th race.

Trump has been blocking people on twitter.

Japan passed a law allowing it’s Emperor to abdicate the throne.

As well as many other topics like our favorite podcasts and how to get Hamilton tickets.

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