TWIN 12: What The Hell Were They Thinking Edition

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On this week’s show:

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo, Benedict takes the Mexican history quiz

Donald Trump signs another pointless executive order on religion.

The first racist Cinco de Mayo tweet is here, fresh off the press.

Trump gives the worst slam poetry reading of all time.

This Week’s Sermon:

So the podcast has survived through 10 shows, we are on the 12th now, and I decided to take this week to thank you listeners.  If you weren’t there, we wouldn’t be here. Podcasting is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so when I met Benedict and we decided to do a show together I was absolutely excited.

But if we didn’t have listeners we would just be talking to ourselves, which can be therapeutic, but not very productive. For those of you who have been generous enough to become our patrons I want to genuinely thank you, it costs money to do the show and we could not do it without support.

For all of you who didn’t become our patrons… I want to genuinely thank you as well. Knowing that you listen, as well as the e-mails, tweets and facebook messages let us know that we are not alone, and that people care about what we have to say, and we care about what you have to say.

There are a dozen or so of our listeners who I have regular contact with, you know who you are, and some of you have told us how the show helps you.  I cannot tell you how much it means to us that people actually care.

There’s a lot of bad in this world, and at the moment, for those of us who care about the plight of others, the future seems bleak. There’s so much hatred and anger out there, people are suffering, and too many don’t care. So this week I wanted to give you something good to think about, rather than another angry rant about healthcare or refugees, I have plenty of that for another time.

Justin Trudeau, the hunky Prime Minister of Canada has made clear that Canada will continue to welcome refugees, including those denied by the U.S. While this means they will have to live in Canada and suffer from a shortage of gun crime, hate groups, and football, many have already taken him up on that offer. Afraa and Muhammad Bilan are Syrian refugees who were accepted into Canada, and last Thursday, their daughter was born, the first Canadian citizen in the family.

This child will grow up without the fear of bombs falling on his head, or oppression by his own government, he was taken from a nightmarish hellscape into the land of hockey and poutine. He will receive an education, have a chance to make something of his life, and he will even be able to run for office in Canada when he grows up, maybe even become prime minister, and all of Canada will already know his name.  This boy’s name? Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan.

The main segment this week has only one topic. The worst healthcare bill of all time, that Congress is trying to ram down our throats, the AHCA.

In the ABT;

We pre-capped the French Election’s, which Marcon won!! Vive la France!

And we discuss the media frenzy that republicans turned the Rockville rape case into.

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