100 Days Edition

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This Week’s Show… Is a few days late.  Please forgive us our transgressions and keep us in your good graces.  We love you, we really do, we just can’t always be perfect.

This week we finish our goodbye to Bill O’Reilly by completing his citizenship quiz we started last week.

We then discuss the horror that is Fyre Festival, along with the amazing subreddit that was created because of it.

Also in the opening segment, we look at the 100 days of lies Donald Drumpf has been slinging at the American people.


Usually these sermons are about something I am angry about, and I’m not saying there isn’t room to talk about good things, but it is a lot easier to write about things that piss me off.  But this weekend actually had a lot of good in it. There was no violence in Berkeley.  Yeah we had a lot of racist assholes come yell and scream in one of our parks, but at the end of the day they just looked incredibly stupid with all their body armor and whacking sticks when nobody cared enough to come counter protest.

One of the ironies I don’t think most people have realized is that this group, which likes to claim liberals are a bunch of bums with no jobs, came out in force on a Thursday morning and spent all day here.  So I was happy most of the weekend. Then Monday came around.

I woke up to the usual slew of news alerts on my phone and scrolled through them bleary eyed until I saw one that I thought had to be a joke. “Donald Trump says he is willing to meet with Kim Jong-Un” I cannot explain how shocking it is to read that when you’re expecting something about an early racist Cinco de Mayo tweet instead, but it really did happen.  Trump said he would actually meet with the murderous North Korean dictator, in the middle of the current ongoing crisis.

There are certainly reasons to reach out to North Korea right now, I am not one of the people that thinks North Korea is an irrational actor, I think they are pursuing Nuclear weapons as a deterrent to bluff their way into survival, but they know in any war they would be annihilated, and the only way they can survive is to convince the world that intervention is not worth the cost. But the President of the United States is not the person who should be meeting Kim Jong-Un, you don’t want to give dictators legitimacy.

But why am I surprised? Trump also announced he will be working with dictator Vladimir Putin on the North Korea issue, he invited Rodrigo Duterte of the Phillipines to the white house, a man who has ordered extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug dealers, and he called Erdogan of Turkey to congratulate him on the referendum that gave him a massive amount of power.

This is a man who admires dictators and autocrats, he sees himself in them, because they share the same hunger for power.  And he is moving the United States away from the close relationships we have with liberal democracies, and closer to authoritarian regimes that we should, for moral reasons, be condemning and working to stop.

In the main segment:

We spend this week looking at the promises and failures by the Donald.

You can see more of his claims on the politifact website.

In the ABT:

We recap the French election and repeat our threat, if the French elect Le Pen we will do an entire show in corny French accents.

Mark Ellis, the kidnapping candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party had an unfortunate twitter exchange.

And followed that up by… what else, cutting a swastika into his lawn and saluting it for a Facebook picture.

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