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On this week’s episode:

We want to apologise for the sound quality of this episode, we had a screw up while recording that made for a lot of problems during editing, rest assured it will be fixed next week.

We start off with a citizenship quiz from Bill O’Reilly’s website.

Discuss juicing versus Capri Suns

Wonder how the hell the secret service let Kid Rock and Ted Nugent into the white house.


I would like to remind everyone that this is 2017, not 1710, but last weekend, the state of Arkansas in the U.S. executed Ledell Lee. Neil Gorsuch’s first substantial act on the Supreme Court was to vote in favor of killing Mr. Lee.  That’s right, Donald Trump’s election has now officially killed someone, and there are more to come.

The United States is one of the 56 countries that still have the death penalty, and it is not a list you want to be on. North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran , Afghanistan, and China, what do they have in common? They executed people in 2016, and of course the U.S. is on that list as well. When you have more in common on an issue with Saudi Arabia than Norway, you know it is time to think things over.

The Executions in Arkansas don’t end with Lee though, there are more on the way, and for a sickening reason. The state of Arkansas’ lethal injection drugs are about to expire at the end of the month, so they are trying to hurry up and use them before they go bad. That’s right, people are going to die because of an expiration date.

Today, Monday the 24th, Arkansas is set to execute two prisoners on the same day. Jack Jones and Marcel Williams both admit they are guilty of their crimes, but I frankly don’t care what they did, the state should not be executing people, Just as the government shouldn’t torture people. The government should reflect the best of us, not the worst. I can understand that even years after the crime the family of the victim may harbour deep hatred of the perpetrator and want to see them die, but we cannot give in to impulses generated by hatred and loss.

No matter how horrible the crime, we should not be killing people to punish them, because the death penalty is not justice, it is sadism. The research shows that it does not deter crime, and for those who say it’s cheaper than keeping them in prison for life, it isn’t. Even if it were I would argue we need to abolish the death penalty in this country, because doing the right thing means doing what is hard, despite the cost.

And consider this final thing. Close to 4% of all death row inmates are innocent, while only 2% get exonerated before they are executed. This means we have, and will continue to execute entirely innocent people. If anyone wants to argue that the trade-off of killing innocents is worth being able to continue the death penalty I welcome the argument, because there is no moral justification for that position.

We yell at Theresa May’s empty chair.

Get creeped out by Julian Assange.

And to end on the depressing note that America, once again, is leaving people to die in a foreign country.