This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict Episode 3

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

We recorded this one a bit early so Benedict would have time for his move to the United States.  THAT’S RIGHT!!! By the time you listen to this Benedict will be a resident of ‘Murica.

This week we unveil a new segment, Kevin’s “sermon” of the week.  Re-adressing calls for a new Kent State shooting from last week’s show in a more composed manner.

Then week we dive into the alternative facts file by the hundred.  Or at least tell you about a Huffington post article that claims to be able to show 100 lies by the Trump administration already.

In the main segment we address Trump skipping the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

We discuss the Huuuuuuge Trump rallies held across the U.S. to support the President.

We then pick our bingo cards for the first ever Trump speech bingo game, held for Trump’s address to the U.S. Congress, which Benedict destroyed me at.

In the ABT we discuss those crazy royals giving Nutella to squirrels, the new head of the DNC, and Marine Le Pen being kept out of a debate in France.


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