This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict Episode 2

Kevin and Benedict Podcast

On this week’s extra long episode of This Week In News, Kevin goes on a rant about some jackass, Dr. Robert Price, endorsing another Kent State shooting on Thomas Smith’s Serious Inquiries Only Podcast.  Here is the story about a tweet made by Michigan Republican Dan Amini made saying UC Berkeley (Kevin’s University) needed another Kent State shooting.

The guys then start their new segment, “Alternative facts of the week” by discussing Kellyanne Conway’s laughable assertion that Trump is elevating women in his administration.  They next brave the stupidity of Trump claiming Bernie Sanders was cut off on CNN for calling it fake news.  Benedict finishes off the alternative fact segment by grilling Bill Maher for comparing Milo to Christopher Hitchens.

In the main segment this week we kick it off bigly by soothing our filthy souls with the sweet sweet nectar of Milo Yiannopoulous’ collapse.  And then screw up completely about the seriousness of the Trump administration leaving several large news organizations out of a “gaggle” in Sean Spicer’s office.  (turns out it’s a much bigger deal than we thought).

In this week’s ABT (anything but Trump) we learn that apparently even the pope thinks we are better than Christians.  Benedict laments over Jeremy Corbyn and the seats the Labour party lost in the recent midterm election.  In closing we warn all of our listeners to hit their bongs while they still can because the feds may be coming for them soon.

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