This Week in News With Kevin And Benedict Episode 1

Announcing the first podcast from Kevin and Benedict: This week in news with Kevin and Benedict.  A weekly news roundup of top stories from London to Shanghai (but usually a bit closer to home).

In the very first episode of their new podcast, Kevin and Benedict introduce themselves to the world.  After confusing Oohlongs for dipthongs they tell you about their stories before diving into the news.

In the first segment they discuss why Sweden has turned into the anus of Satan himself because of all those pesky refugees, wonder why nobody in the Trump administration has forcibly shoved a gag down his throat, and discuss one of the most bizarre press conferences of all time.

In the second segment, they establish a safe space from Trump to talk about the recent Space X launch, mourn the passing of the dear leader’s brother Kim Jong Nam, and examine the crumbling infrastructure of America, A.K.A. the Oroville Dam.

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