Here’s Why We Can’t Entirely Blame Montana Republicans For Electing A Maniac

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So after an entire day of the transcript and audio of Greg Gianforte assaulting a reporter for asking a question he didn’t want to answer circulated, the montana special election ended with the Republican winning.  While it’s no surprise that Republicans would elect a lying madman who assaults people rather than answer a question, (they already elected an admitted sexual predator to the Presidency after all) many were shocked that they elected a man just hours after he body slammed and punched a reporter.

Gianforte, who looks John Malkovich’s younger, less talented inbred cousin, will now go on to represent Montana’s at large congressional district.  His victory speech last night was rather subdued, and included an apology to Ben Jacobs, the Guardian reporter he attacked. All day Thursday on social media the memes flew, with Liberals incensed over the action, and the right largely either cheering the assault, or denying it happened.

But there are several important things to remember about why Gianforte won, as well as some definite positives in the outcome.

1st. This happened in FUCKING MONTANA.  A largely red, and largely irrelevant state with little economic output and a small population.

2nd. Two thirds of the votes cast in Thursday’s election were early votes, meaning they were cast before the assault ever occurred.  I would wait until we have polling of how Montanan’s feel after the event before we indict them as morons who don’t care about anything other than the letter next to an elected official’s name.

3rd. Although Trump won Montana by a 20 pt margin over Hillary, Gianforte only won by 7 pts.  This shows that the growing disapproval of Trump is spilling over into house races and will likely have a large effect on the 2018 midterms.

4th. Montana currently has a Democratic Senator and Governor, Jon Tester and Steve Bullock. Tester won his campaign against Denny Rehberg in 2012, a campaign that was captured by Professor David C.W. Parker in his book, “Battle For The Big Sky” a great read for any interested.  That campaign showed that Montanan’s, although largely republicans, are willing to vote against their party if they don’t like the candidate. Although the political landscape has shifted significantly since 2012, we can hope that “Trump Shock” can whip voters back into reality and away from tea party or alt-right candidates.