Conservatives: Stop Being Politically Correct, The Portland Stabber Is A Radical White Supremacist Terrorist

Picture via ABC News

I’m tired of hearing from all the cuckservative snowflakes that, “not all white supremacists are bad people” or “white supremacy is really about love.” but everybody knows that white supremacy is really the ideology of a retarded culture.  How can anyone support an ideology that wants to kill Americans like this.

So let’s be realistic. We need to completely ban White Supremacists in this country. We need a full white supremacist travel ban, anyone who has been to Montana, Texas (besides Austin), The South, or voted for Donald Trump, must be stopped from entering the rest of the United States.  We will need to keep the travel ban in place for 90 days while we figure out a system of extreme vetting to ensure these Trump supporters are not dangerous.  Of course, since they all are dangerous, we will need to leave the ban in place permanently.

Does this sound stupid to you? I sure as shit hope it does, because it’s the language of the right applied to something that actually constitutes an urgent threat in the U.S. The SPLC and other groups have noted a definite rise in hate crimes since Donald Trump started running for president, and in their worst form they end with the death of innocent people.

There’s the two Indian men shot in Kansas by a racist who told them to “get out of my country.” The white supremacist who drove to New York specifically to kill a black man, the mosque shooting in Quebec, and many many more incidents and murders, all perpetrated not by radical Islamists, but by white supremacists.

I have no love for Islam, or any religion for that matter, I am an atheist who sees all religion as foolish, but to malign an entire group of millions for the actions of a few is disgusting.  It is, however, something we have done as a society for centuries, and continue to do now.  In the midst of Hitler’s persecution of the Jews, the United states sent away a ship full of Jewish refugees, many of whom went back to Europe to die in concentration camps. We cannot now turn away refugees as we did then.  We must do the right thing, no matter how scary that may be to some, because in the end, American lives are no more valuable than those of the millions seeking refuge, just because of the color of their skin.

Oh, and Fuck the Portland stabber. He’s a piece of shit.