Beware The Ghost Of Benghazi

Over the last few weeks a particular story has blown up on social media, with a number of people calling it “Trump’s Benghazi.”  This is of course, the ambush in Niger that ended with 4 U.S. soldiers dead and 2 wounded.  Trump’s response to the ambush has been criticized heavily, especially his phone call with the mother of one of the killed soldiers.

Also highlighted has been that one of the soldiers’ bodies was left behind for over 24 hours before being retrieved.  The incident is another in a long string of seemingly unending attacks across the globe by ISIS connected militants.

The details are still murky surrounding the attack, and Senators, Congresspeople, and even defence secretary Mattis are calling for investigations into the attack, everyone wants an answer to what happened, and we should have one.

But I want to caution those who are calling this Trump’s Benghazi.  I want you all to remember, that the Benghazi investigations were complete bullshit, and we shouldn’t undertake the same politically motivated harassment by investigation that the Republicans did.  There were 8 investigations into the Benghazi attack, and none of them found any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Clinton, the Republicans made them look like absolute assholes.

I can understand a desire to get payback for the hell that Republicans put Hillary through, but we need to remember that we need to be better than them.  We can’t allow ourselves to be sucked into dirty politics, and quite frankly, there’s absolutely no need to.

When it comes to scandals, Trump is the king, from the Russia collusion scandal, to emoluments, we can be virtually sure that there is a reason he is hiding his tax returns, but we need to not try to create scandal where there is one.

We live in an age of equivocation, where no-one tries to defend anything, but points to wrongdoing by the other side to justify wrongdoing by their own.  To defeat that kind of arguing, we have to make sure that we don’t give them anything to work with.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of creating something from nothing, but we need to think more before we speak, pause a moment before you send that tweet, and focus on fighting the immediate threats rather than hoping for some magic bullet that will bring Trump down once and for all.  It will come, even if we have to wait till 2020 to put the final nail in his coffin.