Atheists Can Be Misogynistic Too, With Thomas Smith And Aaron Rabi

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This week we start our monthly “deep dive” episodes where we examine one topic or story in greater detail than we usually can in a normal show.  This month we talked about where the alt-right faction of the secular/atheist movement came from with Thomas Smith of the Serious Inquiries Only Podcast, Opening Arguments, and Comedy Shoeshine and Aaron of Embrace the void.

Thomas was recently at the Mythinformation conference where he had a confrontation with a YouTuber by the name of Sargon of Akkad.  Sargon is one of the seemingly growing far right atheists, who promotes a misogynistic ideology similar to the men’s rights movement.  You can watch the full video through the link below, beginning around (1:50:00) into the video.

Mythinformation Conference IV full video.

Our discussion was focused on where this strand of atheism, so distant from our own personal ideologies of secular humanism, came from and what we should do about it.

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