Another Day, Another Shooting

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Well this is how easy it is.  Asshole gets angry at his mother In law.  Asshole gets a gun, asshole goes to a church and murders 26 people.  It’s really just a three step process.  Benedict and I have been doing this podcast for about 34 weeks, now, over half a year, and already I’ve had to address mass shootings multiple times in my sermon.

But really, there are so many things I’d rather talk about, I had a list of fun topics I wanted to do, like why republicans can’t look at Muslims as individuals rather than some sort of America hating supersoldiers, or how ex-felons face an uphill battle towards getting their voting rights restored, but it all goes out the fucking window as soon as some asshole decides to go shoot up a packed building somewhere.

The truth is that when I first saw the news about this shooting I thought, oh 26, that’s not that bad.  My entire frame of reference on mass shootings has been warped by the Las Vegas massacre, because of course 26 people is fucking bad, but my first instinct was to compare it to other shootings we’ve had recently, and Las Vegas was only a month ago.  But 26 dead undoubtedly is bad, there is no relative measurement of mass shootings, they all are horrifying. And this most recent one already qualifies as the 5th deadliest in American history.

2017 has already been one of the worst years for Mass shootings in our history, and I don’t know if its because the country is starting to crack, but I sure as hell am.  That’s why I think I had that reaction on Sunday.  It was my own defense mechanisms trying to get me through another, horrific mass shooting.  Another round of Republicans saying its not the guns, its mental health out of one side of their mouth, while making plans to pull more funding from mental health on the other.

Another round of Anderson Cooper tearfully reading the names of everyone killed, reminding us that they were in fact, human beings.  Another round of us being told not to politicize the issue, although we never seemingly escaped their time period for politicizing the Las Vegas shooting, showing that we live in a continual circle of go fuck yourself, where if we went by their rules, we would never talk about guns in this country because another shooting seems to happen every other day now.

So what the fuck do we do.  I’m done with coming on after a mass shooting and doing a somber sermon about how we need gun control now, because nothing is going to happen about it until we kick out the Republicans.  I want to talk about other things, there is so much more that affects us on a daily basis that I’d love to cover, but until this shit stops, I can’t, and Republicans don’t care that every next shooting seems to prove their arguments are bullshit.

In this shooting you had exactly what they always want, a good guy with a gun, and I’m not at all denigrating what that guy did, but 26 people are still fucking dead.  The good guy with a gun didn’t stop this, good guys with guns can’t stop these acts in time, they never will.



So here’s my massacre sermon, I could almost save it, change the numbers and a few details and release it every time there’s a shooting.  It would certainly save me time.  Elections have consequences, and this one has resulted in a world where 26 people are killed and our congress will have a moment of silence, tweet thoughts and prayers, and then go on to screwing the public with their tax plan.  I have no words of wisdom for you, no hopeful note on which to end like I usually have, because there is nothing good we can pull from this story.  26 are dead, and there’s nothing we can do to change that.